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Planning Your Visit: 2020-21 Winter Season

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Whether it’s your first time at Brimacombe or your 15th season with us, this season looks very different than any that have come before it. While many things have changed, many remain the same – our slopes are still covered in snow, our lifts are still turning and we are still welcoming thousands of bright, smiling faces this season.

Now, more than ever, it’s important to plan ahead.

Before you hit the road, be sure to make your reservation in advance. This season, reservations are required for both visitors and Members/Season Passholders and walk-up sales are not available. To allow for proper physical distancing, only those with a reservation and a valid lift ticket will be permitted to be on the property and spectators will not be admitted. The general public gets 5 days advanced booking and Brimacombe Members/Season Passholders get 10 days advanced booking. A new day is added each night at 8:00 p.m. EST.


Please note, if you are Members/Season Passholders, you will need your Pass number to book.
Lift ticket purchasers: you will need a credit card to book. If you would like to pay by gift card, please call Guest Services to book your time slot.

STEP ONE: Follow the link to visit the reservation webpage to book your reservation here.

STEP TWO: Select if you are a Lift Ticket Purchaser or a Member/Season Passholder.

STEP THREE: Select the parking lot that you plan to park at or be dropped off at. You can ONLY check-in at your designated parking lot, you will not be admitted at other lots.

Tips for Selecting Your Parking Lot:
This is an important step as this will not only be where you park your vehicle, but it will also be the area of the property that you will be checking in at. Each parking lot provides access to a different area of our property and it is important that you pick the best parking lot for all individuals of your party. Changes to your selected parking lot must be done in advance and are subject to availability.

Parking Lot #1 is only open until on weekends4:30 p.m. – Even though Brimacombe may be open later Monday through Saturday, this section of our property is not lit and as such, the latest departure time available in this parking lot is 4:30 p.m.. Reservations made for Parking Lot #1 may not be extended by moving to a different parking lot. Please note, in anticipation of spring conditions, Parking Lot #1 will be closed beginning March 13 (additional capacity will be added to Parking Lot 2 and 4 to accommodate this change).

Parking Lot #2 is located at the top of the slopes – Please consider the ability level of all members of your party when booking this parking lot. While there are green circle trails available down from the top, these would not be recommended as a first run if an individual has never skied/snowboarded before. For those who are comfortable on long green, blue or black runs, this parking lot provides convenient ski down access. All members of your party must also have equipment to use this lot. There is no direct access to rental equipment from this lot and foot traffic down our slopes is not permitted.

Parking Lot #4 is located on the east side of Brimacombe’s property and is the best option if it is your first time coming to the slopes or if you require rental equipment as it is the only lot with direct access to our rental building. For those needing to rent, you will need to park in Parking Lot #4. In fact, this Parking Lot selection is the only one that will allow you to reserve rental equipment. Due to COVID-19 protocols rental equipment availability is limited and all rental equipment must be reserved in advance of your booking.

This main parking lot also provides direct access to Slopeside Skis & Boards retail store (by appointment only), the Main Office (exterior access only) and Brimacombe Snow School (currently closed). Access to the East Chalet is currently limited to washrooms and take-out food service. This is also the best parking lot for beginners looking to access our beginner hill, Bambi Run and Magic Carpet lift.

To learn more about our parking lots – please visit:

STEP FOUR: Select your desired day and timeslot for the slopes (timeslots will be up to 4 Hours).

Note: The two times indicated on your selection represent your check-in time and your departure time. We thank you in advance for using your selected parking lot and respecting your reserved time slot. We cannot accommodate walk-in rentals.

STEP FIVE: Add each person to the reservation and fill out all the required information.

Note: This is where you will also add rental equipment if needed. Rental equipment is only available at parking lot 4 and must be reserved in advance. If there is an “X” on rentals during your selected time slot, that means rentals are unavailable.
Tip: On Sundays, you will see a reduced lift ticket rate starting after 12:35 p.m. (we close at 4:30 p.m.) Monday to Saturday, you will see a reduced lift ticket rate at 5:35 p.m. and at 7:30 p.m. (we close at 9:30 p.m.)

Want to use a valid Brimacombe Complimentary Lift Ticket Voucher? Please select this on your reservation. Please note, any coupons used on the reservation must be presented and surrendered at check-in. Failure to submit a valid coupon will result in a modification to the reservation and the reservation maker will be charged regular price for the lift ticket. Payment must be completed before the ticket is issued. We are not responsible for wait times that may occur due to inaccurately choosing this option.

What is a Registered Access2 Cardholder? Brimacombe does not offer discounts for persons with disabilities. However, we do offer a 100 percent discount for support persons for a daily lift ticket. The discount for support persons is honoured in collaboration with Access2, at any of our lift ticket kiosks upon valid presentation of an Access2 card. A valid Access2 Card must be presented at check-in to complete the check-in process. Failure to present a valid Access2 Card will result in a modification to the reservation and the reservation maker will be charged regular price for the lift ticket. Payment must be completed before the ticket is issued. We are not responsible for wait times that may occur due to inaccurately choosing this option.

STEP SIX: Make the COVID pledge including but not limited to, committing to following Brimacombe’s Health Guidelines and to not come to the property when ill, a close contact of a COVID case or after recent international travel. Additionally, each time you make a reservation, you are agreeing to Brimacombe’s Time slot reservation terms and conditions:

STEP SEVEN: Enter method of payment (we accept most credit cards) and submit your booking.

Paying by gift card? You will need to contact our Guest Services to reserve your spot with payment via Gift Card, prior to your arrival. This payment must be completed before the ticket is issued. We are not responsible for wait times that may occur if this is not arranged in advance.

STEP EIGHT: You will receive an email to confirm your booking that will feature a scannable barcode and instructions when arriving at Brimacombe. You will use this, by either presenting a printed copy or displaying it on your phone at check-in at the Guest Services Kiosk. Having it available will help speed up the check-in process.

If you purchased rentals, you will be required to fill out a rental waiver that will be sent to you via email (parent/participants must sign for those renting under 18 years of age).


Modifications /Cancellations to your reservation
If you need to make any modifications or cancellations to your reservation. Use the link in your Reservation Confirmation email to access, modify or cancel your reservation up to 10 hours prior to your reservation. A full refund will be processed if it is 10 or more hours before your reservation time.

Cancellation requests made 4-10 hours prior to scheduled arrival must be submitted by phone (905-983-5983) or email ( for consideration with the amount refunded (less cancellation fees) on a gift card only and are subject to approval. Please note, voicemails and emails may not be checked immediately. A $15 Cancellation Fee will apply to all refunds in this time frame.

No refund will be processed if less than 4 hours before the reservation time.

Please see Brimacombe’s Terms & Conditions for Time Slot Reservations for more details.

Safety on the Slopes
Skiing and snowboarding involve a lot more than hitting the slopes…you also spend a fair amount of time waiting your turn in line, as well as loading, riding, and unloading ski lifts. Riders often take the process for granted, but ski lifts are machines and your safety depends on proper lift use.

Before hitting the slopes, please take some time to read and learn more about the signage you’ll see while at Brimacombe, as well as the responsibilities you have as a skier/boarder on the slopes: click here for more information on slope safety

What to Expect
At the beginning of the season, we made changes to some of our operations to prioritize physical distancing, increase sanitization, and reduce the number of touch points. If you haven’t already, please familiarize yourself with our Re-Opening Plan, to know what to expect at Brimacombe please click here

Chalet Access
Chalet capacities will be significantly reduced to meet public health guidelines. At this time, lower level access to the chalets will be controlled and limited to washrooms. Lockers and cubbies will not be available for use at this time and no bags will be allowed to stay in or around the chalets. All personal items must be stored in your vehicle. No table seating will be available indoors at this time. Upper level access to the chalets, if available, will be for the purpose of purchasing food only. Additional outdoor seating has been created and additional outdoor food options may be available.

Finally, don’t forget to check out Brimacombe’s frequently asked questions!


Running late? We understand that unexpected circumstances arise. However, visitors who arrive more than 15 minutes from their scheduled time may be monitored and recorded, and late fees may be introduced. Your departure time will remain the same, regardless of when you check-in.

STEP ONE: Review your reservation. Ensure all rental waiver(s) (if applicable) have been completed.

DON’T FORGET! The two times indicated on your reservation represent your CHECK-IN TIME and your DEPARTURE time. As a courtesy to others, please ensure you account for sufficient travel time especially during inclement weather, to allow you and your party to arrive on time. We thank you in advance for respecting your selected timeframe so that others may enjoy the slopes.

STEP TWO: Review reservation maker responsibilities found in the terms and conditions and ensure all individuals of the party are in good health; that they do not have any symptoms of COVID-19; have not had close contact with someone who has or may have COVID-19, and that they have not travelled outside Canada in the past 14 days. If you are unsure, have the individuals of your party use the Government of Ontario’s self-assessment tool

STEP THREE: Check Brimacombe’s website for any updates and to see open trails and snow conditions

STEP FOUR: Pack up the vehicle and get ready for an awesome day on the slopes! While it’s important to be prepared and always bring extra layers, here are some other things you should bring to ensure a smooth experience checking-in and getting onto the slopes:

  • Bring the digital or printed reservation barcode. Having it available will help speed up the check-in process
  • Bring any coupons and/or Access2 Cards used in your booking. Passholder(s) must be prepared to show their pass card (if applicable).
  • Bring a mask (or several in case they get damp) to wear in all indoor and outdoor spaces at Brimacombe.

What type of mask can I wear?
Masks are required to meet the guidelines by the Durham Region Health Department. A mask must cover the nose, mouth and chin, must be in contact with the surrounding face without gaping and must be able to filter respiratory droplets. In the case of a cloth non-medical mask or face covering, this means it should be made of 2+ layers of tightly woven fabric (such as cotton or linen). If your ski mask, face shield, neck warmer, tube or balaclava meets that criteria, you can wear it as a mask, but if there are breathing or ventilation holes, or it is a single layer of material, it will not be acceptable as a mask.

As part of Brimacombe’s mask policy, a 3-strike rule will be enforced. Each time you are reminded to wear your mask properly a mark will be made on your lift ticket by a Brimacombe employee. On your third mark, you will be escorted off our property and you will not receive a refund or be compensated for the time missed on the slopes if you are not at the end of your reservation.

STEP FIVE: Once you arrive at Brimacombe, please enter through the parking lot you made your reservation under.

STEP SIX: Put on your masks. Masks are mandatory indoors and outdoors at Brimacombe, including our parking lots.

STEP SEVEN: Get ready at your vehicle. Your car is your base lodge. All bags and additional items must be stored in your vehicle. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, chalet access is limited to washrooms and takeout food services (when available) and no on-site storage will be allowed.

Note: While, your car is your base lodge, please respect physical distancing guidelines in our parking lots. Tailgate parties in our parking lots will not be permitted – this includes open flame, tables, chairs, or anything that takes up an additional parking spot. Consuming alcohol, recreational drug usage and large gatherings will not be tolerated. Brimacombe’s Health Guidelines apply to all Brimacombe property, including parking lots.

STEP EIGHT: Proceed to the Guest Services Kiosk in the parking lot for your chosen arrival time with all the individuals of your party. All persons must be present, if you know one or more individuals on your reservation may run late or you are arriving in separate vehicles, please book separately.

STEP NINE: You will line up physically distanced with all the individuals of your party.

STEP TEN: When a window is available at the kiosk have your entire party approach the window and have your barcode prepared to scan as well as your pass card if you are a Members or Season Passholders. You will also be required to complete a COVID-19 screening. If you reserved a spot under a complimentary lift ticket coupon or with an Access2 Card, please have these prepared to show to the Guest Services Team Member. Don’t forget, to allow for proper physical distancing, only those with a reservation and a valid lift ticket will be permitted to be on the property. Spectators will not be admitted and there will be no walk-up sales.

STEP ELEVEN: Once complete, you will be given a daily lift ticket which you must wear visibly on your jacket – this lift ticket will be verified by staff at a designated entry point as well as when you are lining up for our lifts. If you are a pass holder, you will also be required to wear your pass card with the lift ticket. Please ensure your lift ticket is attached properly, using a new wire each time. When affixed properly, Brimacombe lift tickets do not fall off. Brimacombe is not responsible for lost lift tickets and any lost tickets will need to be repurchased.

If you have rental equipment, from the Guest Services kiosk, make your way down the path to the rental building to pick up your equipment. Only those renting will be allowed in the Rental Shop unless the renter is a minor, in which case, one guardian with a valid lift ticket is permitted.

STEP TWELVE: Hit the slopes! Don’t forget, once your lift ticket has expired, you will be required to leave Brimacombe property.