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  1. Complete this form and pay online now to purchase your pass(es) AND
  2. All passholders must complete and sign Brimacombe’s General Waiver by visiting brimacombe.ca/online-waiver from a tablet or computer.
    You can complete the waiver at any point in the process, however, we highly recommend you stop and have each potential passholder complete a copy online now using a tablet or computer. That way it doesn’t get forgotten and we can ensure we process your purchase as quickly as possible with no delays.

    All individuals under the age of 18 will require a parent/guardian signature to complete the waiver. If all passholders ages 18+ are not able to complete the waiver at this time, we will share the link again at the end of the payment process, as well as provide it in an email.

If you are unable to complete your waiver online, please call 905-983-5983 to discuss your options.

Have you been a member for 6 or more consecutive seasons?
Individual members are eligible for a $50 Member Loyalty Savings beginning in their 6th season of consecutive membership. If you have been a member for 6 or more seasons, please choose “yes” on the form under Membership Loyalty to take $50 off your membership rate.

If you are unsure of your Member Loyalty standing, please call 905-983-5983 to confirm your status before purchasing.

Please Note:

  • Once we have received your online purchase we will confirm your eligibility within our system. Incorrectly selecting yes or no will delay the processing of all purchases associated with your transaction.
  • Seasons as a Night Season Passholder do not count towards Member Loyalty Savings, nor can the Savings be redeemed towards a Night Season Pass.