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Ski Package includes Skis, Boots, Poles and Helmet. Snowboard Package includes Snowboard, Boots and Helmet.

Please Note: We cannot guarantee the availability of lift tickets and rentals. Those wishing to hit the slopes are strongly encouraged to plan ahead by purchasing their lift tickets (and rentals) in advance to avoid disappointment. Credit card or cash deposit of up to $350 is required on EACH equipment rental. Renters under the age of 18 require a parent/guardian signature on the rental waiver.

Individual Rental PackageCost
Tot (Under 5) Ski or Riglet Board Package$25.00
(13 & Under) Ski or Snowboard Package$39.00
(Ages 14+ ) Ski or Snowboard Package$49.00
Subject to availability. Plus applicable taxes.

2023-24 Individual items

Individual Rental Item13 & UnderAges 14+
Skis or Snowboard$31.00$31.00
Boots (Ski or Snowboard)$31.00$31.00
Subject to availability. Plus applicable taxes.

To qualify for the following packages, renter must be a registered participant in the corresponding Camp or lesson program with Brimacombe Snow School.

2025 7-week program lesson rentals

Lesson Rental PackageCost
7-Week Snow School Program Ski or Snowboard Rental Package (Skis, Boots and Poles or Snowboard and Boots)$259.00
7-Week Tot Ski or Snowboard Rental Package (Includes Helmet)$139.00
+applicable taxes

BONUS! Most 7-Week Package Rentals are available to take-home for the duration of your 7-Week Lesson Program, meaning you don’t need to pick them up and return them to our Rental Shop each week. To qualify for a take-home package, you MUST pick up your 7-Week Package Rental in advance during the designated pick up period. Take-Home Ski Packages are available on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last.

7-Week Package Rentals will be available for advance pick-up from December 1 – December 23, 2024 by appointment only. Rentals must be returned the last day of program. A full rental charge will be applied to all late returns.

Non-Take-Home 7-Week Rental Packages will be available for pick up on the day of each lesson from the Rental Shop and must be returned the same day.

Please note: All Snow School participants are required to wear an appropriate ski/snowboard helmet.