Protect Your Equipment This Summer!

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As the slopes in Ontario come to a close for the season, we thought we’d share a a few tricks of the trade when it comes to storing your ski and snowboard over warmer months! Post-season care and preventative maintenance will go a long way in ensuring your gear will not only last longer, but also perform better when Opening Day comes around.

  1. Clean Your Skis/Boards!
    A cloth and water is all you need. This might be the most basic and easiest thing to do at the end of the season, but wiping your equipment down to remove unwanted debris is a great first step. Wipe down everything thoroughly. If using a hose, avoid forcing water into your bindings. Avoid using degreasers or detergent, as this could affect the binding lubricant. Dry your equipment well to prevent any rust from forming.
  2. Inspect Your Equipment
    While you’re cleaning, this is a great time to assess your equipment. Take note of your edges and if there’s any nicks in your bases do a base grind and fix any base or edge damage incurred during the winter. Make sure you check your bindings to make sure there aren’t any screws missing or loose.
  3. Lower Your DIN Setting
    This is only recommended if you know what you’re doing. Adjusting your binding DIN settings incorrectly can cause binding malfunctions and may lead to serious injuries. If you’re unsure how to adjust your DIN setting and would still like to do this step, bring your equipment in at Slopeside Skis & Boards and talk to one of our technicians!

    Lowering your DIN settings on both the toe and heel piece helps preserve the integrity of your bindings as the springs in your bindings can lose tension as they age. Some snowboarders remove their bindings or loosen the screws in summer to reduce stress on inserts and to prevent dimpling of the base. Take note of the numbers on a piece of tape and stick it on your skis or you can put a piece of tape down where the DIN setting was so that you can easily turn it back up to the same spot next season.
  4. Wax Your Base
    Keep those bases hydrated! Waxing increases the longevity of the base, providing a better sliding surface but also keeps rust away! When applying, be generous with the wax and be sure to cover the edges. The thicker the layer of wax, the better hydrated and protected your skis will be over the summer – don’t scrape off any wax after application.

    Let us wax your equipment! Slopeside Skis & Boards is offering a Summer Storage Wax Service for only $10+hst until June 13 – Plus, if you bring back your equipment between October 1 to 31, you’ll get a complimentary buff!
  5. Time To Store Them
    Ideally, equipment is best stored in your home in a neutral position (preferably with no pressure on either camber or rocker) in a cool, dry place out of the sun. While a garage is typically where equipment ends up being stored, the drastic temperature changes can negatively affect the metal of your skis’ edges and potentially even warp ski bases.
  6. Don’t Forget Your Boots & Helmet!
    Remove your boot liners, ensure the inside is dry, then buckle ski boots snugly but not too tightly to keep the structural integrity of the plastic intact over the summer. Check the heels and toes to make sure that they aren’t too worn.  This is a great time to inspect your snowboard boot laces and replace them if they’re worn, too. Ideally, store ski boots in a boot bag that can be zippered closed to prevent critters from making a home in your cozy boot liners. Lastly, store the boot bag in a cool, dry place.

    Helmets have a shelf life of 3 to 5 seasons, as the foam and plastic becomes less effective with use and age. If you have had your helmet for 5+ seasons, it’s time to shop for a new one. Have you had a hard fall on the slopes? If so, you might need to part ways with your helmet. Any damage to a helmet, exterior or interior, can affect the way that it protects your head. 

BONUS STEP: Sanitize your boots and helmet! Used and trusted by the NHL, NFL, CFL and MLB clubs, the Sani Sport is the most efficient process for eliminating bacteria in protective gear and athletic equipment. Plus if you’re a Brimacombe Member you’ll save 20% off our posted rates! (We even service other sports equipment – yes, even your stinky hockey equipment!) To learn more about Sani Sport and to book your appointment, CLICK HERE.

Think you’ll need to replace your equipment or looking for an upgrade?
Be sure to check out now or before the season and save the date for Brimacombe’s Ski Swap! Our annual Ski Swap will be happening at Brimacombe on Sunday, October 6, 2024. Check back closer to the date on our event calendar for more information including equipment drop-off days and ticket sales to shop the sale!

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