1. Complete this application form and pay online now to purchase your winter camp(s) AND
  2. All applicants must complete and sign Brimacombe's 2019/20 General Waiver using a tablet or computer. 
  3. Complete Brimacombe's Winter Camp - Camper Health & Safety Form online for each applicant.

Please note, all applicants will require a parent/guardian signature on both documents. You can complete the waiver and forms at any point in the process, however, we highly recommend you stop and have each applicant complete a copy online now using a tablet or computer. That way it doesn't get forgotten and we can ensure we process your purchase as quickly as possible with no delays.

All individuals under the age of 18 will require a parent/guardian signature to complete the waiver. If all individuals ages 18+ are not able to complete the waiver at this time, we will share the link again at the end of the payment process, as well as provide it in an email.

If you are unable to complete your waiver online, please call 905-983-5983 to discuss your options. Please note, w
e cannot finalize your registration without a signed Waiver and Health & Safety Form.

Rating Your Ability

Knowing your skiing ability level will make sure that you get the most out of your ski lesson.

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