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The assistance provided by the staff at Brimacombe was outstanding; they answered all of my questions quickly and comprehensively.

The on-line registration was easy and cut down a tone of paperwork on my end. Many of our participants were accustomed to skiing or riding at other clubs in the area, but quickly came to realize that Brimacombe definitely has the best to offer.


Annually, we bring over 250 children to ski and snowboard at Brimacombe, ranging in age from 8 - 14 years. Many of the children are new to this sport and require professional instruction, guidance and patience; three qualities which describe the resort’s instructors well.

We have also personally witnessed the friendly and supportive way in which the staff communicate with the children ensuring an enjoyable visit. As a result, our students and their parents are highly supportive of the ski program and look forward to attending each year... this winter activity has become an integral part of our program.

For these reasons and many others, Brimacombe will be our ski destination of choice for many years to come.


The staff are friendly and knowledgable and using the online registration system made organizing so much easier! Thanks for another great season of awesome skiing and snowboarding! See you next year!


St. Joseph School in Cobourg enjoyed a great day at the hill! The organizing teacher came back to school at the end of the day and could not say enough good things about the ski school and the level of customer service demonstrated by the instructors and the staff. It made me proud of being a long-time member.