A Park Pass is MANDATORY for all riders in the Vault Park

A 2017/18 Park Pass and valid Membership or lift ticket are required in order to access Brimacombe's main terrain park - the Vault. Park Passes are available to anyone 8 years of age or older and are valid for the entire season in which they are purchased. Learn more about the Park Pass Program here.

Register for your Park Pass in advance by completing a short online training program and quiz, or complete the program in person at Brimacombe's Main Office.

Please Note: All riders under 18 years of age will require a legal parent/guardian signature on the Park Pass waiver. A Park Pass is not required for the beginner park - the Piggy Bank. Helmets are mandatory in both Terrain Parks.

Step 1 - Fill in your personal information.

Step 2 - Review all safety information.

Step 3 - Watch the video.

Step 4 - Take the test - you must receive an 80% or greater mark to pass.

Step 5 - Print out your test results with the signed Park Pass waiver and bring to the Main Office in Brimacombe's East Chalet with your $11.30 ($10 + HST) annual Park Pass fee. Remember, if you are under 18 years of age you must have a Parent/Guardian sign your waiver. Waivers must also be witnessed by someone else 18 or over.